My talks range from 20-45mins, and cover a range of self care/mental health topics.

  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself
    • This talk is on general self care, warning signs, and how to really think about what self care means to you. I’ve done many versions over the years, including during lockdown (see recording below)
  • Deepening Empathy
    • New for 2024, a talk all on how to deepen your empathy. It includes practical pointers on how to use empathy in everyday conversations, and how to turn that empathy into self-empathy
  • Have you tried?
    • This talk covers talking about mental health at work. I’ve given versions that cover how to ask for help as an employee, and to leaders helping them respond to when their employees need help
  • 5 things I learned while running wellbeing initiatives
    • This talk is an intro to some of the things you’ll run into while putting a wellbeing initiative together. It covers tips for getting started, making things inclusive, and what happens if no one participates


Workshops range from 90min to 4hours. They can be ran remotely or in person, and tailored to specific contexts and needs.

  • Self care
    • This is a general workshop, can be 2-4 hours, depending on need. This covers the basics of self care, how to figure out what self care activities work for you, and how to make time to be kind to yourself
  • Deepening Empathy
    • New for 2024, this is a 2hour workshop on how to deepen your empathy. With practical exercises and thoughtful discussions, this workshop ids perfect for teams, leaders, or anyone who wants to deepend their connection to other humans
  • Affirmations
    • This is a 90min workshop on affirmations. This covers how to use affirmations for sustainable change, andincludes practical exercises to build your own affirmation and turn that into plans for change. Perfect for individuals or team affirmations. Can be done as a course