SelfCare Backpack for Organisations

Self Care for People in Tech

Self care is vital. Figuring out what it means, how to fit it into your life, juggling priorities all mean self care can take a back seat to the daily rhythm of life.

If you want to support your employees by providing access to down to earth self care help from someone who’s been in tech for over a decade, this is the place for you.


All services can be delivered virtually or in person. In person self care coaching only available local to Greater Manchester, UK.

I offer a range of services here at SCB – talks, workshops, consulting, and custom work for organisations wanting to support your employees or members. Not sure what you need? Contact me and we can put a bespoke package together for your needs.


Talks cover self care, wellbeing, and wellbeing at work. Examples of talks: Have you tried? – tips for talking about mental health at work, for both employees and employers Self care in stressful times – self care when you don’t have the time/energy/ability to do your normal full self care routine


Workshops focus on the tools in the SelfCare Backpack Resource packs, with all resources included. Current workshops are around finding your self care, and journaling, with more to come. Ground rules are set to ensure that people are in a safe, comfortable space. Workshops are normally 2-4 hours, but I can make them longer or shorter as needed.

Consulting and Custom Work

Consulting is focused around wellness initiatives and training to put processes and a support network in place to help with employees’ mental health. I can also work with onboarding processes to help you support your employees from day one. Custom work I can completely customise and combine any of the above to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Please contact me and we can discuss options for your SCB package.

Why Me?

I’ve been in tech since 2012, and I’ve worked in a variety of environments, such as digital agency, public service, and start ups. I have experience in how working in tech can affect self care (in negative in positive ways). I use this, along with things I’ve learned from my own mental health journey to provide workshops, talks, and resource packs to help people really dig into and think about self care.

I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and cPTSD, and am both medicated and in therapy. The tools I provide are ones that I’ve found helpful in my own life.

I take a person-centred approach, and am in training to be a person-centred counsellor. I’m also a trained Mental Health First Aider, which ensures all talks and workshops are facilitated in a safe, inclusive space.